Top 20v Cordless Drill Reviews


Work smart not hard is the mantra that most successful people follow in the construction industry. Although, this principal is applicable to any trade, but because of so much laborious work involved in construction, one must stick to it to ensure regular growth.

To execute any job properly you need right power tools. Knowing which tools to buy is important, as it is very easy to get confused with so many options available in market. One power tool, which is a must have of every tool bag is a cordless drill. These drills are available in 12v, 18v and 20v variants. Although there are more variant options but these are most popular.

Lately there has been a lot of demand for the 18 volt and 20 volt variants, Many brands offer both these variants in their product line. A small search on website like amazon, ebay or wallmart can give you a lot of options to choose from. Below you will find brief info about some popular 20 volt drill models.

Some of the popular 20v cordless drill models available for purchase in market are –

  • Black & Decker LDX220SBFC – It is a lightweight (3.2 lbs) drill that comes with ergonomic design and comfortable handles. The clutch comes with 10 gears that offers you better control over this tool. The package comes with a fast charger, which company claims, can charge the batteries in approximately 15 minutes. If this works as claimed, you are sure to significantly reduce downtime while on job.


  • Rockwell RK1806K2 – This is a combo product from Rockwell that includes cordless drill and an impact driver. The drill comes with two 20-volt batteries, so that you can go-on with work even when one battery is down. Few reasons why you should consider this particular product are – Lifetime guarantee on batteries, LED lights on driver as well as drill to allow you to work easily in low light conditions, Belts to help you easily carry the tool . If you are in need of both the tools for your job, you can consider this option as it provides good value for money.


  • DEWALT DCD780C2 – This dewalt product comes with a superior quality chuck that provides extra ordinary gripping strength to the bit and allows you to perform the drilling applications with great ease, effectiveness and comfort. The light weight ergonomic design of this tool helps you to reduce fatigue by putting less pressure on your wrist during long shifts. This premium 20-volt drill comes in two speed options which adds versatility to the drill.

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